The Agpro ProFeeder

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The Agpro ProFeederThe Agpro ProFeeder

  The Agpro Pro Feeder can easily be used for cattle.

Use the Pro Feeder for your prize cattle...

  or for your beloved pet!
Big Dog and Pro Feeder

An excellent feeder for:

  • Alpacas
  • Sheep
  • Goats
  • Kennels
  • Special Needs Animals


Battery operated automatic horse feeder mounted outdoors on a fence.



Loved by Owners and Horses Alike

  This owner loves her Pro Feeder.
An Owner  
“I don’t have to go outside when it is raining to feed; I can check on the animals later. I love it.”
~Victoria (11 years old)
  Blue, the horse, says he likes the rugged construction and good looks of this automatic horse feeder. Horses


“I like the rugged construction and good looks of the Pro Feeder. We take pride in our barn, the shiny stainless steel construction and contoured shape of the Pro Feeder makes our home look its best. I can be hard on equipment at times, the rugged construction means the feeder will look like new for years to come.”
~Blue (a horse)

West, the horse, loves being feed the same time everyday. “I enjoy having several meals throughout the day, especially during the times when I am kept in my stall. It can get boring waiting all day for a meal, and just one or two meals a day isn’t enough for me. Now, when my owner is gone to a competition and some of us stay home we are fed on time, I don’t have to wait until 1:00 or 2:00 a.m. to get my evening feeding. The Pro Feeder keeps me munching on a consistent schedule just the way I need it!”
~Mr. West (a horse)