The Agpro ProFeeder

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The Agpro ProFeederThe Agpro ProFeeder


  • Dispenses feed at desired times and quantities (up to 12 feedings a day)
  • Fully programmable, custom timer
  • Built in safety features and alarms
  • Mount outside of stall
  • 50 lb. capacity, easy to fill
  • 120 VAC or 12 VDC
  • 230 VAC 50hz models available for overseas customers
  • Durable stainless steel construction
  • Rounded, horse friendly, edges for safety, Rodent Proof, Spill Proof
  • Made and assembled in the Automatic horse feeder is made in the USA

  • New Solar Powered Feeder
  • A Hopper Extension is now Available

See the Pro Feeder Video Library!


See the New Pro Feeder Video


Installation and Operation
Programming Guides
Wiring Schematics
Help and Technical Support

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  Multible autimatic horse feeders installed.


Automatic horse feeders mounted in a barn.

Automatic feeder dispenses into a corner feeder. Closeup of an HF 200 Pro Timer

Four automatic horse feeders mounted properly.

Blue eating from his corner feeder

The timer is mounted in the side of the feeder

  The best construction  materials are used in our feeders. The feeder spout can be mounted in many different  ways. Solar Powered Units Are Availible

With stainless steel construction and rounded edges the ProFeeder is both rugged and horse-friendly.

The spout discharges feed into the stall area.

Solar powered unites are available.

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2 Year Parts!!