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Reasons to Use the Agpro® Pro Feeder Automatic Feeder

Ask your Vet! What is the best feeding schedule?

Horses are grazing animals; in natural conditions a horse feeds continuously rarely going more than 3 hours without eating. We often feed a confined horse 2 times a day, this may be labor efficient, but it is not best for the horse or its digestion. It may also explain the sometimes agitated and aggressive behavior we see at feed time. What can we do to imitate a more natural feeding pattern and behavior? Simple, feed smaller meals more often!

Everyone agrees that frequent small meals are better for your horse, but what about your needs?  Who has the time or money to make that kind of commitment?  Often we have difficulty meeting the current goal of feeding 2 times a day!

The Agpro® Pro Feeder "Automatic Horse Feeder" solves these challenges. Your horse can now be fed on a schedule that is more beneficial to him without affecting your schedule any more than you want. With the Pro Feeder your horse can be fed the correct amount, exactly on time every day, up to 12 times per day. Now, instead of spending more time feeding you will have more time to work with and enjoy your horse. He will be calmer and more willing to work having been fed a number of small meals every day.

I feed my horses 8 times a day using the automatic Pro Feeder. I continue to tend to my horses a minimum of two times per day, morning and evening, but their feeding is not effected if I am late. The disposition of the barn has changed as well as the atmosphere in our home. The horses are more relaxed and so are we! (No one is in trouble for being late to feed!)

Agpro® the manufacturer of the Pro Feeder has been designing and manufacturing equipment for large animals for over 40 years. The automatic horse feeder is built with quality and reliability in mind. Stainless steel construction and a specialized custom timer designed to meet the horse owners' unique needs are a few of its many desirable features. Call Donald toll free at 1-800-527-1030 to discuss your specific horse feeding needs.

How Much Money Will I Save?


Below is a table that shows the cost savings you'll have by using an Agpro® Pro Feeder automatic horse feeder to feed a single horse 4 times a day.

First determine the value of your time. For example: I value my time at about $50 per hour, so I will use the last line in the table below (Don't underestimate what your time is really worth). Determine how many years you plan on keeping horses. I will keep horses for at least another 3 years, so I will save $10,950, assuming it takes me 3 minutes to feed a single horse.

Feed 4 times a day, each feeding requires 3 minutes

$/hr 1yr 2yr 3yr 5yr 10yr
7 $511 $1,022 $1,533 $2,555 $5,110
15 $1,095 $2,190 $3,285 $5,475 $10,950
25 $1,825 $3,650 $5,475 $9,125 $18,250
50 $3,650 $7,300 $10,950 $18,250 $36,500

Suppose you feed 20 horses with hired help. With training and taxes your help may cost you $15/hr. If you are in business for 5 years you will save 20 x $5,475 = $109,500.

Whether your horses are pets for pleasure, you care for others horses or you have a large equine facility, this table will give you the same satisfaction in savings!

Call Donald to discuss your specific savings potential!

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